Inspired Coaching

Inspiring Wonder offers creative and compassionate NLP Coaching to help you focus, gain fresh perspective on difficult challenges and make giant steps towards creating a life you love.

I’m Chloë, a scientist, qualified NLP coach and professional mind-body therapist passionate about your ability to break through problematic patterns and create the lifestyle and life-balance that you desire.

It would be my privilege to be your coach if you want to:

  • feel inspired, perform well and enjoy what you do
  • break through negative patterns that have been holding you back
  • understand yourself and your needs better
  • communicate more clearly with others

Coaching sessions are £45 for 1 hour or £25 for half an hour. Enquiries or bookings may be made by contacting me here.

For information on group workshops focusing on managing stress, creating balance and performing at your best, head on over to Events at Reflexation Therapy (the therapeutic branch of Inspiring Wonder). Reflexation Therapy offers relaxing and rebalancing treatments as well as events that combine a mix of mindfulness, science, NLP coaching and therapy practices to help you to Be Present and Be You, no matter what.

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